Thank you, all you funky people, who came out early, with a ton of energy, in the HEAT, and made our Gathering of the Vibes debut performance an absolute blast! With everyone dancing, Jen Durkin wailing (you could probably hear her all the way to the silent disco!) It was so much more than we could have ever asked for, and we are indebted to bring you more of the funk rage!

We’ll see you at Pig Jam today, and at Music Fest on Monday.

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We did it! Thanks to our friends and fans who kept us in the lead the whole way! We appreciate the love and we are going to bring that energy to the Vibes!

Check us out at the Vibes on the Green Stage at 1:45pm, Thursday July 30th!

It is an incredible honor that the team at Vibes has chosen us to be the opening band for the whole festival! It will be a privilege to be the first and only band playing, so we pretty much own the festival for an hour!

Be sure to come to the Pre-Vibes Party the week before vibes on Friday, July 24 at The Acoustic with the Alpaca Gnomes (Bridgeport natives who kept the heat on us from third place), and Great Blue.



Hey Everyone,
Lucas Gould Here.

I am recapping a month of shows here, so please: Grab a beverage of your chosen temperature; a spot of food perhaps? Join me for some “textual healing” in this inaugural issue of “POST OF SOUL.”

OK dudes, I have to throw it all the way back to April 2nd. We played at a super unique place with awesome food called “Hinge” in Northampton, MA. with local natives Fat Bradley and road warriors, Mister F. Fat Bradley, followed by Mister F heated up the joint with their own unique brands of incendiary funk that caused one of the guests to pull the fire alarm during set break. We gathered outside the venue…A hundred of us. Aaron began playing the hook to Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke.” The band, the staff and several fans began to have an impromptu-sidewalk singalong (that that 10 times fast.) We took the stage and finished the evening without missing a step thanks to the quick action of the Northampton Fire Department.

We had to get in a week of working our day jobs before we hit the road a again for Wobble Wednesdays. After a brief parking dispute that ended in a handshake, we entered a place of wonder, and beverages: The WonderBar. Definitely one of the hip spots in the Boston/Allston area. A huge dance floor, plenty of great food in the area. We’d like to thank our kick-ass, talented hosts, Trails for backlining their gear for us, because if we had ended up needing that extra space for the trailer that parking dispute could have gotten “Wicked Bad.” After that show it was 12 days of anticipation waiting to make our short run up to Vermont and Rhode Island.

On April 22, We piled into the van and rode up to Burlington, VT. to make our debut at Nectar’s. Shortly after Gurge performed the most Epic Back-In With a Trailer that I have ever seen, we we’re greeted with lovely platters of BBQ chicken and rice. Man, it was cooked to perfection (and everyone knows that in the realm of BBQ-to make that exquisite poultry you gotta make some smoke too, am I right?) Long story short, the fire alarm went off in the middle of Funkwagon’s first set. As fire alarms usually do, it brought the crowd together and the quick action of the Burlington FD allowed the night to continue without a hitch, but not without attracting some more people in by way of the sirens, flashing lights and the expert musical stylings of the Funkwagon crew. Our debut was spectacular, especially for a Wednesday. It was a testament to the people of Burlington and Nectar’s for creating such a lively and involved musical scene. I would also like to note that we knocked a fender loose on our way out of the parking lot and Mr. Gurge positioned the loose rivets in the proper position and front kicked it BACK INTO PLACE with a perfect “Mae Geri.” The most epic parking, an epic show AND the most epic trailer repair We have ever seen. Thanks Burlington! We’ll be back!

April 23. Pawtucket, RI. The Met. TWIDDLE headlines. As with most modern day Twiddle shows it is packed early and we get to play for hundreds of great people. It is always beautiful to see those guys – the Twiddle dudes have always been super down to earth cats and their scene is an amazing, nurturing environment. We we’re lucky enough to play in our home state of CT with them on April 24 at Toads Place, it was our first show with them in CT since 2013 and Toads actually Sold Out. Twiddle brought the heat, some awesome lighting, and those awesome fans of theirs too – Thanks to all who attended! It was then time to rest, work and get ready to hit New Haven, CT one last time before heading to Kerhonksen for Rock N’ Roll Resort V5: Electric Avenue.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, masters of music and word-play graciously had us open for them at the Pacific Standard Tavern on April 30th. Awesome venue, awesome people, awesome music, inside jokes, great pizza, John Spignesi, etc. whats not to love about a New Haven Club Show? Special Thanks for to PPPP and PST for being so accommodating! A day later it was time to make the trek through the beautiful Catskills to share in an amazing experience called “Rock N’ Roll Resort.” After settling in what could be described as a “Kubrick-ian” mountain hotel, we got the lay of things and checked out a few of the other acts, Bobby Paltauf Band, Gaslight Tinkers among them. We we’re treated to a delicious meal before playing out 10pm set in the Grand Ballroom. Having a bed less than a 2 minute walk away from the stage is detrimental to my post-gig social life so I actually slept through a lot of the bands I wanted to see (who always put on a kick ass show) such as Consider The Source and Fishbone. My band mates caught both sets in my stead and Aaron stayed up until 4am seeing the majority of the music – I heard everything was awesome. We took off around noon on the 2nd of May for Worcester MA, to join forces with the William Thompson Funk Experiment. The WTFE always brings a heady crowd and Electric Haze, our host venue always plays part as one of Worcester’s Hippest Hookah Hangs. After a great night in Woostah we wearily drove back home for some much needed rest.

Upon returning to CT we received some tragic news regarding our colleagues, The Alchemystics. ON the way home after playing a set with a side project Drummer and founder of The Alchemystics, Todd “Demse” Zullo along with a close friend and band-tech, Brian “Budzy” White were involved in a car accident that unfortunately took both of their lives. It was truly sad, shocking and surreal to know that two beings didn’t get home after what was such a special and unique experience at RnRR. I didn’t know Budzy well, but he without question made an impact on all of his enormous circle of friends. I met Demse once at Strangecreek 2012, from our chat I knew he was a true-class act, but such an opinion was cemented after seeing such a tight and precise drummer who meant business behind the skins. He kept great time. His beats and music will live on forever. They both have crowd funding pages that can be found at https://www.facebook.com/alchemystics?fref=ts. Please give your support to the families and be extra safe out there.

On May 9th, we embarked on another musical journey to Wolcott, CT and New Paltz, NY. The first of the two shows was a pre-party for Spectral Fest (to be held in Croydon, NH on July 17-19.) It was an awesomely fun time and I got to see a young man fly through the air. We had to pick up and run almost too soon to make it to our next show with New Paltz’s own Cold Flavor Repair at Snugs Tavern. New Paltz is a funky little town with a great scene. We played a set to a lively audience, including some of my extended family. CFR took the stage to close and kept the party going until the wee hours of the morning. After a quite regal Jamaican beef patty, the six of us departed for home. Jerry was there too.

Thanks again to everyone I mentioned, and thanks for sticking with me, sitting through and reading to this point.

TLDR: It’s been a crazy month y’all. Hope to see you at The Ridgefield Playhouse on May 26th for FUNKRAISER 2.0! Featuring The Funky Dawgs Brass Band and RHS students!

- Lucas out! This has been POST OF SOUL.