Hey Souldiers!

We had a great last run to finish off the year. We had an amazing time playing with Twiddle at the Fairfield Theater Company, with Shakedown at Toads Place, and with The Breakfast at The Spot in Rhode Island. Saw a lot of new faces dancing in the crowd!

We’d also like to announce our upcoming full-length album is nearly complete! The date kept getting farther away, but we really wanted to make sure the album captures the excitement of our live shows!

The band is taking a quick break from touring so we can focus on finishing the album and develop our new songs in progress, but we’ll be back soon!

Keep on Groovin!





Contact Relative Souls for tix

Contact Relative Souls for tix

Thanks to our wonderful fans we got a prime spot on the Strangecreek stage this summer!  Tickets sell for $120 but because you seriously are the best fans in New England we are providing tickets for at $90/each.

E-mail for tickets (relativesouls@gmail.com) or come to one of our many upcoming shows to get your tickets!

More Strangecreek info to come so follow us on our Facebook for more updates. www.facebook.com/relativesouls

March 2013

If you have a thirst for funk that needs to be quenched, come party with us in March, we booked at two of our favorite hometown venues! (Mac’s from RI and the band started in Bridgeport)  So come on out and support your hometowns favorite band and one of these shows. OR come to both shows and be our fan of the month, the venues are only 122 miles from each other…… we know you want to.

With Turkuaz @ Spot Underground 3/8

With Turkuaz @ Spot Underground 3/8

3/8 Providence    Relative Souls are opening for the Brooklyn based funk band TURKUAZ at The Spot Underground.  We open at 9:30 and Turkuaz hits at 10:30.  You do not want to be late for Friday night Funk.

3/14 @ Acoustic Cafe

3/14 @ Acoustic Cafe




3/14 Bridgeport    Relative Souls are returning to Acoustic Café.  Joining us are our friends from VT, FLABBERGHASTER opens the show at 9 and we hit at 10:45